Is Unemployment Out of President Obama’s Control?

April 25, 2011


Is Unemployment Out of President Obama’s Control?.

Many people are dissatisfied with the unemployment picture because they cannot find jobs or they have to accept lower pay. Are people doing all they can to find jobs? (read more…click onto the above title)

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Avoiding Use of Taxpayer Money; No More Bailed Out Firms

April 15, 2011

Avoiding Use of Taxpayer money

The Obama administration has formed the The Dodd – Frank Wall Street Forum which now determines how they can safely liquidate firms instead of turning to the taxpayers to bailout these failed companies. (Click onto the tile of the article to read more about this…)

Relief From Exorbitant Credit Card Rates and Fees

April 14, 2011

<Relief from Exorbitant Credit Card Rates and Fees





President Obama has signed a proclamation making this month of April 2011 Financial Literacy Month.  One of the problems that the Obama administration changes was the fees charged on credit card balances.  (Click onto the above link to the title of this article read more….)d

President Obama Saves The Day

April 12, 2011

President Obama Saves the Day


Americans were anxiously awaiting the outcome of discussions over a new plan to reduce the  national budget deficit when Obama and his team emerged with a new plan.  The budget for the National Head Start program was in danger of being slashed.  (Click onto the above link to rad more.)

Reviews for Your Business, Making More Money, Part 1

April 11, 2011

Reviews for Your Business; Making More Money>

Customers can add reviews about your business and help attract more customers based on what they say. There are many review sites on the Internet which allow this. Customers use the information for shopping. The average customer is more sophisticated when seeking products and services. (To read more, click onto the article title.)

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Reviews for Your Business, Making More Money, Part Two

April 11, 2011

Reviews for your Business; Making More Money

Here is a list of sites where your customers can write reviews about your business.   If favorable, they can bring more peple into your store or more people to your website.  (Click onto the above link to read more).