Life is Good – Open Enrollment – Time to Reassess!

October 24, 2015

If you are a state employee, it is important to understand your benefits package to ensure that your income is adequately protected in the event that something should happen to you.

The State government does a very good job of compensating those who work for the State of RI.  However, as with other employee benefit plans at some of the private sector businesses, the benefits available to employees may not adequately cover the family in time of need.  That is why it is important to review the benefits packages and determine if there is a need for more coverage.  Boston Mutual offers the following options for state, federal, municipal, and postal workers, available through payroll deduction:

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Disability Insurance
To cover lost wages. Benefits designed specifically for state employees.
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Life Insureance
To help fill in the gaps in your coverage.
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Critical Illness
Financial protection
for the unexpected, to supplement your health insurance program.
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Boston Mutual offers group and voluntary benefits, specifically for state, federal, municipal, and postal workers.  Your review is FREE, no obligation.  For a report on the financial strength of Boston Mutual, click here.

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Gail Cavanaugh

Gail Cavanaugh is the author of Retailer’s Guide to Merchant Services,available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s.