gail-cavanaugh-photo2Gail Cavanaugh is a business consultant and life insurance agent based in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. A business and finance free lance writer, and she has been involved in the financial services industry for over 15 years. Gail is currently working on a Masters Degree in Business at Liberty University. Products include mortgage insurance, life insurance, trust funds, college funding, retirement plans, Key Man insurance, funding for buy-sell agreements, health insurance supplement, and business lines of credit. She is contracted to write life, accident, health, disability, supplemental and value added benefits through Colonial Life. The benefits are offered through employers.

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A writer of six blogs, she also does marketing plans for all types of businesses including, developing marketing campaigns, advertising, creating content, SEO (search enginine optimiation), creating a brand, and social media marketing. She specializes in e-books for marketing the business, press releases, white papers, and ghost writing. She is the author of

    Retailers Guide to Merchant Services

, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s.

She has handled million dollar accounts for successful businesses and acquired and marketed tax sheltered annuities and life insurance policies for a large school system in Rhode Island. For appointment call 401-380-7850.

Testimony from Shopit Blog
“•She’s Full of Information: Gail describes exactly what she does and what she’ll be able to help you with in the first available section. She’s clear and informative and gives you a quick idea as to whether or not she’s what you’re looking for! In her Recommendations she explains further why she’s offering her services and what she can do for you, and even includes customer testimonials. It’s always great to read that the service has worked before!”

Testimony from Higher Trust Marketing

“Gail Cavanaugh has developed a nice following through her Suite 101.com website and blog, but thought just as you might be thinking – to write an ebook or book will take too long, so she lived with that dream unfulfilled for years until…
She finally decided on a topic and had her first 35-page ebook completed in less than 3-weeks!”
(

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  1. gailcav says:

    Do you have a website or blog that I can review?

    Gail cavnaugh

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