Using Coupons to Market Your Business

May 25, 2010

Studies show that sixty-two percent of consumers shop for coupons before making their purchases. With the wealth of information on the Internet, shoppers are finding coupons for major purchases as well as items which they frequently purchase. Since shoppers are spending less and less time on each page which they view online, it is important to design a coupon which will attract their attention immediately.

Shoppers are receiving coupons through the e-mail and through text messaging. As always, you will want to make sure that you have permission to market your services through these media. Collecting an e-mail list of names and using autorepsonders to reach targeted customers will help to build up a list of prospects for your business.

Coupon websites are very popular with consumers and there are now several websites where shoppers can find coupons for the purchases they are seeking and business owners can post coupons. Armed with this information, savvy business owners can develop a strategy to offer coupons to their customers. They should include detailed instructions on how to use them and they can be printable.