Health Care Reform & The Responsibilities of the States

August 12, 2013


As we all now, one of the issues of the Obama administration has been health care reform. October 1st is a very important date for all business owners and their employees. This is the date that employers must meet their requirements under the new Health Care Reform. Although the health care mandate has been passed by Congress, there is still some uncertainty as far as how it will be enforced.

Approximately twenty-four states have passed legislation to enforce the changes in the laws and to regulate the insurers in their states, while the remaining states have not yet made decisions to enforce the laws. Some of the states may not be ready by the October 1st deadline to comply with the new health care reform.

This would be unfortunate for the consumers residing in states which have not enacted the enforcement of the reforms. These consumers could face not being able to take advantage of the benefits they may be entitled to receive. However, if the states do not act n the October 1st deadline, they risk the federal government moving in to regulate the insurers and to enforce the health care reform laws.