Business Solutions Classes

August 5, 2010

Lately, I have been exhibiting my custom designed clothing at various craft fairs and events. The events are enjoyable because of the many opportunities to meet people. Because of the nature of the products, this is the best way to bring them to the marketplace. When showing products at events, care must be taken to choose the right venue and to make sure the products are priced to sell. Because of the economy in the U.S., some of the events are not well attended.

Knowing who your target market is will help to make the event more successful. I decided to attend these events and exhibit my products so that I could build up an e-mail list and meet new prospects. I can say that I enjoy meeting people more than I do participating in social networks. Additionally, I appreciate the people who like my art.

Once I started attending the fairs, I decided to hold classes so that I could involve prospects more into my work. Also, if they do not purchase he products, initially, they are more likely to purchase if they keep seeing the products. A list of classes is listed in the events at Gail Cavanaugh’s Business Solutions. The next thing that I have to do is to purchase a wireless credit card machine so that I do not miss out on sales. I am starting out with one or two craft shows a month, mainly just to observe.

I had to shop around for the best canopy to house my store. I have received help from the exhibitors at each event. They also share the best shows to participate in and the ones to avoid. I find it easier to sell my products at these events rather than through the social networks. After attending these events, I realize I must have a steady flow of prospects in the social networks to have a better chance at selling.

In conclusion, in order to sell products, one must have many means of selling in order to make profits.