Why Buy Life Insurance?

November 12, 2012
Why Buy Life Insurance?

Free RX Card

November 6, 2012




It is unfortunate that some of the people in New York and New Jersey, and other places where Sandy made an appearance, are still without power.  The problem seems to be that those who are in authority are not equipped to make the right decisions.

Many people have been traumatized by things beyond their control, such as the hurricanes and storms which have inundated the area with flooding and the lack of effective leadership.  Others have been traumatized by losses of jobs and lack of medical coverage.

To help offset the expenses, I am offering a free prescription card through the NAA to any of the victims of Sandy in the Rhode Island area.  The card can be used to purchase prescriptions, diabetes equipment, hearing aides and equipment and over-the-counter drugs from many of the local pharmacies.  Savings are up to fifty percent.

To get your card, please send respond to me in this blog.