Reviews for Your Business, Making More Money, Part 1

April 11, 2011

Reviews for Your Business; Making More Money>

Customers can add reviews about your business and help attract more customers based on what they say. There are many review sites on the Internet which allow this. Customers use the information for shopping. The average customer is more sophisticated when seeking products and services. (To read more, click onto the article title.)

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Reviews for Your Business, Making More Money, Part Two

April 11, 2011

Reviews for your Business; Making More Money

Here is a list of sites where your customers can write reviews about your business.   If favorable, they can bring more peple into your store or more people to your website.  (Click onto the above link to read more).

More consumers Using Credit Cards and Debit Cards

August 10, 2009

Photo by Nazreth

Photo by Nazreth

British consumers today are using credit cards and debit cards more because of the economic crisis. There has been a 10% increase over last year. Therefore, if you are not accepting credit cards at your retail store or at your website, you stand to lose business. Despite the admonitions to spend less money, some consumers continue to be impulse shoppers.

There are wireless and countertop models to choose from and there is even a wireless product to utilize while on the go. Nurit, Omni, and Verifone are the most popular brands to choose from. Depending on the volume you process, there is a product to meet your needs.

If you do not accept credit or debit cards, customers will go to someone who does. Although some may pay in cash as a last resort, you cannot afford to take the chance that you may attract someone who prefers to pay in cash.

Accepting credit cards can increase your profits and while we are experiencing hard times and earning less money as a result, accepting credit cards and debit cards can ensure business profits.

Secure Online Payments

July 13, 2009

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Phot courtesy of Flickr

It should come as no surprise that shoppers are being extra cautious when using credit cards online. Javelin Strategy and Research reports that “37% of shoppers say they are using credit cards less.” Consumers are exercising caution because of the economic crisis and the many incidences of identity theft in the last few years.

Consumers are now looking for secure websites to do their shopping and 62% “look for the lock icon in the web address bar” and “55% look for a logo from an Internet security provider.”

Business owners should now be taking steps to make their websites more secure for shoppers, as failing to do so could result in lost business.