Health and Life Insurance Open Enrollment Season

September 15, 2014

The Open Enrollment Period is from

October 1, 2014 – March 13, 2014 for Qualified Health Plans. For overage beginning in November, the enrollment period is from November 15, 2014 until February 15, 2014. The employers will be searching for Supplemental benefits at that time as well. Employees can apply for their health coverage on the Internet.

You may be hearing the buzz at work about what your employer intends to do with the current benefits or what programs he /she is desiring to add to or subtract from the current benefits package. The employer will carefully consider the benefits package to determine if the package is adequate enough to attract and retain employees.
Open Enrollment is a time when employees can apply for health coverage or supplemental benefits at the workplace without underwriting, which would limit the type and amount of coverage that the employee applies for based on his/her health. This period also protects the insured from lapsing coverage due to employees trying to optimize on the amount they are paying for coverage or purchasing coverage when they are sick and cancelling when they are well. This keeps the insurance companies from experiencing financial risk and insurance premiums from increasing.

Besides health insurance, employers will allow employees to purchase life insurance, disability insurance, accident insurance, or health insurance supplements. An open enrollment is a great time to review the benefits one may have or add benefits to one’s personal program of insurance coverage.

It is important to note that if an employee misses the dates for open enrollment, he/she will have to wait until the next one which will take place one year later. The only exceptions are employees experiencing life changing events in the family, such as a divorce, birth of a child, or If an employee no longer qualify for Medicaid insurance. Some may also be able to apply after the enrollment period if there was a glitch in the system which caused the employees not to enroll for coverage. Anyone can apply for Medicaid or CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Plan) anytime of the year.

In conclusion, the Open Enrollment season for Health Insurance and Supplemental Health insurance programs is approaching and every employee should use this time now to enroll in their coverage.

Life Insurance Awareness Month – September 2014

September 3, 2014


It is Life Insurance Awareness month again and with the students returning to school, it is time to re-examine your financial security. Life insurance is a product which few consumers understand. Therefore, it is beneficial to have a competent life insurance agent to support you in making a wise decision to protect your family.

Approximately 95 million people are without life insurance protection which means that their families are at risk for financial calamity due to the untimely death of a head of the household. Many families today are headed by a single parent which would leave the family even more at risk. If the parent dies, prematurely, the children would be orphaned. Therefore, single parents need to consider who they would appoint as a guardian to the children. They would also need to provide an income to raise the children. Many families today are ill-equipped to assume the responsibility of one or more children in addition to the family which they may already have. Therefore, the best way to provide an income would be to purchase life insurance.

Typically, employees opt to acquire life insurance at a group rate at work for themselves and for the family, because it is inexpensive. Paying for life insurance weekly or bi-weekly seems to be more feasible for most employees. They can also purchase a separate life insurance policy from an insurance agent outside of work. In this case, employees will have to determine how long the life insurance will cover them and if the policy is portable, i.e., if coverage remains in force if the employee retires or leaves the company.

Employees would be wise to purchase a separate policy away from work to ensure there is life insurance coverage during gaps in employment or when the employee retires. Some life insurance policies will reduce coverage upon retirement, and some policies are not portable. These are all questions which employees should be asking their life insurance agent to investigate while they are considering purchasing life insurance protection. Consumers should review their life insurance every two years to ensure here is adequate protection for the family in the event of a catastrophe. Countless people have discovered, when it was too late, that their life insurance policy was inadequate to pay for final expenses or to protect the family.

Throughout the month of September, there will be articles available to help educate consumers on the importance of protecting the family with life insurance. Subscribe to this blog to keep up on latest developments.

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Green Monday Strategies for Sales

December 9, 2013


Business is booming on the Internet this year as shoppers utilize their iPads, Smart phones, PC’s, and tablets to purchase Christmas gifts for family and friends. Major retailers reported an increase of 30% in sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, which is the weekend following Thanksgiving.

Green Monday, which falls on the tenth day before Christmas is predicted to be another day where businesses can boost their profits. In the past, consumers in the United States spent $1.133 billion on merchandise. Consumers could well exceed that amount this year, as we have experienced record sales during the Black Friday, Black Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Pinterest received the biggest gains for on-line sales, but few business owners are using the site.

Bizrate has observed that there are advantages to using Pinterest, which include,

70% of online consumers surveyed utilize Pinterest to “get inspiration on what to buy”

67% use it “to keep up on the latest trends on things [they] like”

43% use it to “associate with retailers or brands with which [they] identify”

39% use it for “special offers from retailers, brands, or people that [they’ve] pinned/followed”

In addition to posting on Pinterest, business owners can advertise their products on sites such as Whofish. Here is a place where business owners can post advertisements for their products, services, and events, as well as list their businesses in their own communities, as well as other states. Business owners can gain followers on their listings, as well as send unlimited e-mail to friends and followers whenever their business listing or event is featured on the site. Therefore, if business owners have not yet advertised for Green Monday, this may be a place for them to advertise.

Sending e-mail to clients and prospects relative to the new deals you are offering with Christmas themes will attract many buyers, especially if products are priced to sell. Business owners could include their coupons in the e-mail to be used on-line or in the brick and mortar locations.

Holiday Shopping on Cyber Monday

December 2, 2013




Black Friday is supposed to be one of the most profitable days in the year for businesses; however, for the people in the Northeast, it was not as profitable. The Digital Age is changing the way we shop as more and more people use mobile phones, Smart phones, and iPads as part of their routine activities. This means that business owners have to be prepared to meet this oncoming demand from consumers to search for services and products, and shop on-line.

This year, shoppers accessed retail websites on-line after Thanksgiving, which resulted in sales before Black Friday and Saturday occurred. Cyber Monday is expected to be a day for a phenomenal amount of sales as well. While the major department stores such as Walmart, Macy’s, J.C. Penney, and Target fared well on Black Friday and Saturday, on-line stores, such as Amazon, and freight companies, such as FedEx, are expected to do well on Cyber Monday. Because of the many incentives to shop on-line, people are spending more money on-line in recent years than in the past. Retailers are offering free shipping and bundling of products.

While the amount of sales occurring online in 2012 was $1 billion, the amount spent in a retail store was $59 billion. It is clear that sales at the retail store are the favorite ways to shop. However, cyber sales are expected to increase this year, due to the new mobile phones, Smart phones, iPads and applications. This is quite a phenomenon, as everywhere I go, people utilize and carry digital products.

It will be interesting to see how the digital age has impacted holiday sales this year.


Christmas Shopping Begins on Black Friday

November 29, 2013


If you are like most shoppers, you will want to take advantage of the many sales during the Christmas season starting on Black Friday.  Those who like the hustle and bustle of Christmas will enjoy shopping on Black Friday.

If you are looking for Christmas cards, may I suggest the Pakistan Card Project?  These are lovely handmade cards photo Christmas cards available in boxed sets or individually.  The cards are blank so that you can customize them for your needs.  Some of the designs include Santa’s sleigh, Christmas tree, bells, angels, and candles made of metallic paper, ribbons, and pompoms.

The proceeds from these card will be donated to fund a school for the children of the Light in Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan.  They are street children who are living together and attending a small school run by Shahzad Toqeer.  He found them wandering on the street and took them in.  With a group of friends, he purchased books and has been teaching the children basic school subjects.  Shahzad hopes to build a school for them one day.

Pakistan is one of the poorest countries in the world with about 1.5 million street children  These children come from poor families or have been separated from their families because of earthquakes or flooding.  Consequently, they must search for their own food and shelter. 

Thanks in advance for visiting the site and I hope you enjoy the day!

Globalization and Its Problems in The Workplace

May 13, 2011


Globalization and Its Problems in The Workplace

Anyone working in the global economy is going to be challenged because of the additional skills that they must learn. (To read more, click onto the above link.)

President Obama Supports Global Opportunites for The United States

May 13, 2011


President Obama Supports Global Opportunites for The United States

President Obama has been busy trying to curb illegal immigration and creating job and business opportunitites for the United States. (To read more, click onto the above link.)