Affordable Protection for Single Mothers

April 3, 2016


It is never easy for a single mother to think about how their children will survive if something were to happen to the mother. The younger they are, the more difficult it is to fathom what could possibly happen. However, when we consider the terrorism that is rampant in the world, and the crime and violence occurring in the cities and towns in the U.S., it is not too hard to imagine.

Sadly, most single mothers, or parents, for that matter do not consider buying life insurance to preserve their income in the event of their untimely death. The average income of a single mother is $23,000 and if she has more than one child, it may be difficult for her to consider including a life insurance premium her budget. If the father is involved in the children’s lives, the single mother may think that life insurance is not necessary, as the father would probably assume responsibility of the children.

This may be true in some cases, but in many of the families, the father may not be capable or willing to assume responsibility for the children. In that case, it is imperative that the mothers investigate the possibility of purchasing life insurance to assist the person who would be responsible enough to care for the children. It would provide the needed financial assistance for the guardian to help support the children.

In the northeast, the cost to raise a child to age eighteen is approximately $455,000, which computes to $25,277 per year. This does not include the cost of a college education, which would be an additional $19,000 to $35,000 per year, depending on whether the child plans to attend a state school or an out-of-state school. The mother needs at least $600,000 per child of life insurance!

It is clear from considering the high costs to raise a child and send him to college that life insurance is necessary to cover these costs and to keep the children protected in the event of the untimely death of the mother. The amount of life insurance would seem pretty high, but it would meet the needs of the children. In reality, some single mothers may not be able to afford to purchase this amount of insurance. However, any amount that they could purchase would help the family.

Here is a situation where low cost term insurance would meet the need and would be a cost effective way of providing the coverage for the family. Term insurance would cover the family for only a certain amount of years. There would be no cash value, and the coverage would terminate when the mother would no longer need the coverage. Single mothers interested in more information about this should talk to their life insurance representative or feel free to contact me on the contact form of this blog.

Support the Children – Promote Your Business

July 19, 2015


The Destiny Children’s choir will be visiting with us on July 20, 2015.  At that time, they will give a workshop on choral singing and African drumming.  They will then give a performance at night for the community.   We expect 200 children to be attending the camp and 200 guest for the performance.

We would like your company to be a sponsor for our events and we would be grateful for your support.

We have three levels of sponsorship for a brochure design:

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Level 4 advertising – 175.00 – full page ad.

Thank you for you kind consideration of this request.  If you would like to be a sponsor, please fill in your donation in the link at the event site.


Gail E. Cavanaugh

A Prosperous New Year to All

January 2, 2013


We have had a very rocky 2012 with all the natural disasters and violence  that occurred to innocent people.  Because of this, we are going to take more responsibility in keeping our families safe.  This means making better decisions and not leaving things to chance.

We are going to have to make difficult decisions involving our financial security, including the decision to purchase life insurance for each member of our families and ourselves in the event that something should happen to us.  This includes our children.  We have a tendency to believe that we will outlive our children, and in most cases that will be true.  However, we have seen what occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, where many innocent children and teachers were slain at the hand of a gunman.

One incident such as this could devastate us emotionally and financially.  When people fail to protect themselves from dangers such as these, it often cause calamites such as financial hardship.  One such person in my area drowned in an incident at sea recently.  Unfortunately, his family did not take out life insurance on him and there was no money for his funeral.  However, they were fortunate in that the community rallied together and raised money to cover his expenses.

This may or may not happen in every case.  Studies have shown that approximately forty-eight percent of the population dies without life insurance to cover final expenses.  LIMRA reports that, “Three in 10 American households (35 million) are
uninsured and half say they need more life insurance.”  People know they need the life insurance, but fail to purchase it.

There are many reasons why people do not purchase life insurance and mainly it is because of priorities.  People mistakenly believe that they cannot afford to purchase life insurance.  Insurance agents can find an affordable insurance plan for you and your family.  Low cost term insurance would be the best option for most families.

If you are overspending,, why not make a New years resolution to stop spending money unwisely and invest in life insurance for you and the family which would give peace and protection when they need it most, at the time of the loss of a loved one.  Not having insurance leaves an unnecessary burden on the rest of the family to provide final expenses.

If you know someone who needs life insurance protection to cover their family and you have an insurance agent, recommend them.  Sadly, some people never get approached about life insurance.

President Obama Saves The Day

April 12, 2011

President Obama Saves the Day


Americans were anxiously awaiting the outcome of discussions over a new plan to reduce the  national budget deficit when Obama and his team emerged with a new plan.  The budget for the National Head Start program was in danger of being slashed.  (Click onto the above link to rad more.)

Communication in The Twenty First Century

March 11, 2011

Communication in The Twenty First Century.

Gen  X and Gen Y are the first generations to use computers as children.  Their lifestyles revolve around the computers which were originally meant for businesses.  Learn more in this article.