Rhode Islanders and Healthy Nutrition

January 23, 2014


I have been covering for a friend who owns a nutrition club in Middletown, Rhode Island and I am amazed at the number of people who are taking care of their bodies. I have met several people who have lost several pounds through nutritious protein shakes and working out at the local gym.

It is great to observe people trying to prolong their lives and even have a better quality of life. When people live longer, they need more savings set aside to ensure that they have an income throughout their retirement. This means planning for the future with retirement plans and life insurance. Because people are healthier, they can work more hours to earn extra income.

In conclusion, taking care of the body through diet and exercise will enable consumers to work more hours in order to eliminate their debt and accumulate more money.

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Saving for the Future

April 22, 2013



Often, people fail to accumulate money for retirement because they fail to develop a plan for saving money.  It is important to budget the money that comes into a household by deciding how much will be saved before the money is spent on the necessities of running the house.  George Clason mentions this concept in his book, The Richest Man in Babylon.

People often say they do not have enough money to save because of all their expenses.  However, a careful review of the budget will reveal items which can be eliminated.  People who fail to save often spend money on the wrong things, overindulge, or just waste money on things that they do not need.  These items include junk food, cigarettes, alcohol, dining out in restaurants, clothing, and other items.  insurance premiums should be part of the budget.

If we make a conscious effort to save first, before we spend, we will see what on our list needs to be eliminated. When we see the money accumulating in our accounts, we will look forward to saving more money.  The first goal should be

to accumulate an emergency fund in the event that the car breaks down or the kids need new clothing,  or someone in the family needs a loan, for example.  The emergency fund should not be touched unless there is an extreme emergency and it should be in a separate account.

After saving the emergency fund, people can begin a savings plan for a new house, a new car, retirement, or college funding, depending on age and needs.

Making a Career Change

August 22, 2012

After several insurance companies approached me over the last several years, I have made a decision to return after being away from the industry for fourteen years. I worked as an insurance agent and registered representative for five years, servicing families, individuals, and businesses and assisting them in planning for their financial security. I acquired an account with one of the local school departments and provided tax sheltered annuities for the teachers.

It was hard work, but very challenging in prospecting for business. Most of my business consisted in helping families to plan for retirement, for college funding and protecting their incomes in the event of premature death. The only difference in what I did back then and what I am doing now is that I am an independent agent, selling many products, rather than being employed as a captive agent with a major insurance carrier. This gives m more flexibility in finding the right products for my prospects.

There are many financial issues affecting the Baby boomers and one is that we are living longer and will require more income as a result. Because of the problems we have had with the economic crisis, many people are averse to investing their money and will need guidance in finding the right vehicles to accumulate money for retirement. Women in particular have been shying away from investing their money, have been lax in paying off credit card balances, and have not been taking steps to accumulate an emergency fund. Women will need to accumulate more income because their life expectancy is longer than men and some may have been out of the workforce and therefore, may not have had enough time to accumulate money for Social Security. Housing prices have decreased over the last year making it possible for young couples to purchase homes. These couples will need mortgage protection to protect a deceased’s family in the event of an untimely death. These are areas in which I will be able to assist them.