Exerpt from My New Book

July 9, 2015

Here is a  exerpt from my book, Retailers Guide to Merchant Services,


“To protect cardholder data, the PCI Data Security Standard

Compliance13 was created in 2006.  This organization requires merchants and other organizations to follow certain guidelines in collecting and storing, processing or transmitting cardholder information.

This is an ongoing process which involves:

  1.  Assessing cardholder data and the business owner’s IT assets and business proves to ensure there are no vulnerabilities in the storing of cardholder data.  There are training videos14 to help the small merchant to understand his/her responsibilities;
  2. Remediation in not storing cardholder data unless it is absolutely necessary;
  3. Reporting, which involves compiling and submitting compliance records and reports to the banks and card brands with which the business is authorized to do business.”

The book is available free on Amazon.  Get your copy today!

The book is also available at your local library on e-Zone. Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth, Rhode Island libraries have e-Zone installed on their websites.

Moved to New Office

December 26, 2012


Gail Cavanaugh’s Business Solutions has moved to a new office.  The company is now sharing an office with Newport Tax Service, 2 Broadway, Newport, Rhode Island.  This strategic move is to create opportunities for the sharing of expertise between the two businesses. 

Tax accountants have a need to recommend life and disability insurance products for their estate planning and business continuation clients.  They do not have the time to research the products because of their busy schedules and would benefit from forming a partnership with an insurance agent such as me. 

Since I offer life insurance products and annuities from six different companies, I would be in a position to offer the products which his client needs.The accountants, in turn, are available to service the needs of my clients who need tax services.  We are planning on offering a seminar to local businesses soon and will keep you advised on the plans.