Green Monday Strategies for Sales

December 9, 2013


Business is booming on the Internet this year as shoppers utilize their iPads, Smart phones, PC’s, and tablets to purchase Christmas gifts for family and friends. Major retailers reported an increase of 30% in sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, which is the weekend following Thanksgiving.

Green Monday, which falls on the tenth day before Christmas is predicted to be another day where businesses can boost their profits. In the past, consumers in the United States spent $1.133 billion on merchandise. Consumers could well exceed that amount this year, as we have experienced record sales during the Black Friday, Black Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Pinterest received the biggest gains for on-line sales, but few business owners are using the site.

Bizrate has observed that there are advantages to using Pinterest, which include,

70% of online consumers surveyed utilize Pinterest to “get inspiration on what to buy”

67% use it “to keep up on the latest trends on things [they] like”

43% use it to “associate with retailers or brands with which [they] identify”

39% use it for “special offers from retailers, brands, or people that [they’ve] pinned/followed”

In addition to posting on Pinterest, business owners can advertise their products on sites such as Whofish. Here is a place where business owners can post advertisements for their products, services, and events, as well as list their businesses in their own communities, as well as other states. Business owners can gain followers on their listings, as well as send unlimited e-mail to friends and followers whenever their business listing or event is featured on the site. Therefore, if business owners have not yet advertised for Green Monday, this may be a place for them to advertise.

Sending e-mail to clients and prospects relative to the new deals you are offering with Christmas themes will attract many buyers, especially if products are priced to sell. Business owners could include their coupons in the e-mail to be used on-line or in the brick and mortar locations.

Free RX Card

November 6, 2012




It is unfortunate that some of the people in New York and New Jersey, and other places where Sandy made an appearance, are still without power.  The problem seems to be that those who are in authority are not equipped to make the right decisions.

Many people have been traumatized by things beyond their control, such as the hurricanes and storms which have inundated the area with flooding and the lack of effective leadership.  Others have been traumatized by losses of jobs and lack of medical coverage.

To help offset the expenses, I am offering a free prescription card through the NAA to any of the victims of Sandy in the Rhode Island area.  The card can be used to purchase prescriptions, diabetes equipment, hearing aides and equipment and over-the-counter drugs from many of the local pharmacies.  Savings are up to fifty percent.

To get your card, please send respond to me in this blog.

Making a Career Change

August 22, 2012

After several insurance companies approached me over the last several years, I have made a decision to return after being away from the industry for fourteen years. I worked as an insurance agent and registered representative for five years, servicing families, individuals, and businesses and assisting them in planning for their financial security. I acquired an account with one of the local school departments and provided tax sheltered annuities for the teachers.

It was hard work, but very challenging in prospecting for business. Most of my business consisted in helping families to plan for retirement, for college funding and protecting their incomes in the event of premature death. The only difference in what I did back then and what I am doing now is that I am an independent agent, selling many products, rather than being employed as a captive agent with a major insurance carrier. This gives m more flexibility in finding the right products for my prospects.

There are many financial issues affecting the Baby boomers and one is that we are living longer and will require more income as a result. Because of the problems we have had with the economic crisis, many people are averse to investing their money and will need guidance in finding the right vehicles to accumulate money for retirement. Women in particular have been shying away from investing their money, have been lax in paying off credit card balances, and have not been taking steps to accumulate an emergency fund. Women will need to accumulate more income because their life expectancy is longer than men and some may have been out of the workforce and therefore, may not have had enough time to accumulate money for Social Security. Housing prices have decreased over the last year making it possible for young couples to purchase homes. These couples will need mortgage protection to protect a deceased’s family in the event of an untimely death. These are areas in which I will be able to assist them.

Should Illegal Immigrants be Allowed to Attend College

October 4, 2011

There are so many illegal immigrants in the United States, more than we can imagine, yet so many of them are living their lives as if they were legal residents.

They shop at their own stores and do business with people from their own country whenever possible. They come around the Americans, only when they have to acquire something which they cannot acquire from their own people. This is not unusual because many of the immigrants from other countries did the same thing.

The state of Rhode Island attracts so many immigrants because of the many factories that are still operating in the state. There are over two thousand eight hundred factories that employ immigrants, and some may be illegal immigrants. When they are discovered, the illegal immigrants are sent back to their country.

Many of the immigrants also seek jobs in the southern part of Rhode Island, whose history attracts tourists who want to know more about the early settlers of this country. Because of that, there are summer jobs which are available. The immigrants take these jobs low paying and many sign as independent contractors, which eliminates the tax burden for the business owner.

They are required to show documentation that they are working and living legally in the United States, but the paperwork may be false or erroneous. Immigration officials are assigned to investigate them and when the immigrants discover that they are being investigated, they flee to another state. Disagreements and arguments with spouses is usually the cause of the investigations.

Now, the State of Rhode Island has granted permission for illegal immigrants to attend college at a reduced rate in an attempt to collect much needed revenue for the state. The parents of students who attended high school for three years in Rhode Island and received a degree are eligible for this opportunity. There is a stipulation, however, the immigrants must apply for legal status as soon as they are able or face losing the tuition.

Although the lawmakers argue that allowing illegal immigrants to attend college would contribute new to a stronger work force and improve the quality of life in Rhode Island, many legal residents who are struggling to pay tuitions oppose this new ruling.

It will be interesting to see how many of the illegal residents attending colleges actually complete their studies and how many of them secure jobs after they graduate.

Exploring Business Solutions

November 14, 2008

Since my backgound is in financial services, I will be speaking from a financial perspective.  I am very concerned as are most people are, about the state of the economy.  As a nation we are suffering from the consquences of having too much debt.  Did anyone ever think that this attitude would catch up to us at some point in time?

I am hoping that someone has the answer to this problem.  We have to manage the debt that we have in this country.  Not only has it affected this country, but it has affected other countries as well.  Debt has become a way of life for us.  The only way to reduce or eliminate it is to stop desiring the things that would lead to living a lavish lifestyle.  This is going to take some discipline.  We’ll be suffering from withdrawal symptoms, but the longer we subject ourselves to this process, the easier it will be to say “no” to more spending.

Children should be educated on handling debt and using credit cards responsibly.  Ideally, they should not be approached by the banks unless they understand the responsibilities that go along with using them.  However, there are reports that the banks are targeting teens as well as college students about their services.

Press Release: Gail Cavanaugh’s Business Solutions Informs Teens about Credit Cards

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Kids waiting by Anne Bradshaw, courtesy of Morguefile

Kids waiting by Anne Bradshaw, courtesy of Morguefile

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