Online security -the hope for the future

Photo Courtesy of Stock Xchange

Photo Courtesy of Stock Xchange

Although information technology companies have suffered along with all the other firms in this economic crisis, the future looks promising for them. Online security is still an issue with many companies, although, surprisingly, they only spend on an average of 1% on information technology services.

There are opportunities to assist the schools and public service companies, as they have not implemented a system for protecting their data. The most popular service is firewall protection and this may be because of the time involved in encryption services. Encryption is “the process of encoding information in such a way that only the person (or computer) with the key can decode it.”

Data encryption is a very secure way of protecting data during online transactions, it would be wise for more companies to investigate this service. Many of the data breaches may have been protected if encryption were a part of the transaction process. The Ponemon Institute reports that “the use of data encryption software can have a significant impact on the number of breaches a company experiences.”


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