Secure Online Payments

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Phot courtesy of Flickr

It should come as no surprise that shoppers are being extra cautious when using credit cards online. Javelin Strategy and Research reports that “37% of shoppers say they are using credit cards less.” Consumers are exercising caution because of the economic crisis and the many incidences of identity theft in the last few years.

Consumers are now looking for secure websites to do their shopping and 62% “look for the lock icon in the web address bar” and “55% look for a logo from an Internet security provider.”

Business owners should now be taking steps to make their websites more secure for shoppers, as failing to do so could result in lost business.


3 Responses to Secure Online Payments

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  2. Most ID theft, especially credit card information theft, does not take place online. It takes place at the cash register.

    When that nice clerk asks for your ID “for your protection” when you use your credit card, they aren’t doing you a favor.

    here is how to protect yourself from this and more:

  3. Chris says:

    Hey this is a very interesting article! Thanks!

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